Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mebski Love - 8 Years and Counting!

Today was MEBBIE DAY #8!

8 years ago she came waltzing in to our lives and changed the game for us!

I mean holy moly - what can I say about this girl that the world hasn't already seen, felt and experienced?

I know this much about this precious child of a heavenly King...

who has made everybody in our family better people!

And today - we celebrated HER big time!

I mean - we couldn't think of a better reason to press "PAUSE" on our family Whole30 and hit the restaurant of her choice for a family dinner out - spending time sharing what each of us absolutely loves about Mebski Love!

I also got my annual weep-fest in by watching her homecoming video again!

Gets me every time!

Mebbie - girl - you have changed us all for the better!

Your life matters so much - the plans He has for you are playing out before us - and we love you so much!

Our family is better because He gave you us!

Happy Mebbie Day, you precious gift, you!

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