Saturday, August 24, 2019

Olympic City in Our Backyard

Man... we've been living here almost 6 years and have YET to embrace the fact that we live in Olympic City, USA!

But Laura changed that today!

She somehow found out that the US Girls Volleyball team had a game today - and with Meron making the team at school and absolutely loving the sport - Laura set up an impromptu "girls date" and the three ladies from Camp Hoffman headed downtown to check it out!

Holy moly were these two right here STOKED to be there!

And how dumb are we for not having gone sooner?

This stuff is right here - like minutes away - and it's all FREE.

The game was free, the drive was super short... even parking was free!

They hung around for a while and caught a bunch of games - USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico was there (and they had the best fans)...

These ladies did not want to leave!

Afterwards - they hit up the patio at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants and wrapped their girls day out up with some nachos!

I know they all had a blast based on the report I got when they finally got home... and I also know this much - we'll be going back for sure!

Olympic City for the win!

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