Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Let The Games Begin

Somebody worked her butt off over the summer (constantly bumping and setting, bumping and setting, bumping and setting...)

Then she managed her nerves leading up to tryouts and she made the volleyball team!

I was super proud of her efforts!

And she was super excited!

Because tonight was her squad's first game!

She was a little bit nervous this morning before school... and I get it.

I've done my share of team sports and I know the nerves of the first game of a season - complete with walking into THEIR gym and playing on THEIR turf...

But these girls killed it tonight!

I am loving watching Meron learn to be part of a team - to take coaching - to encourage and lift up her teammates...

And to have fun while doing it!

Keep learning, keep growing, keep lifting up your team and most importantly... keep having fun!

Daddy is super proud of ya, Meron!

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