Wednesday, September 25, 2019

National Daughter's Day

Supposedly it's National Daughters Day or something crazy like that.

And just in case that's a real thing - I figured I'd go ahead and celebrate my two amazing, awesome, incredible, unbelievable daughters!

Meron keeps me cracking up all day every day.

She's a fiercely loyal human being - and if you make it into her circle - she's got your back HARD!

She lives life to the complete fullest - every single day and she brings so much joy and smiles to those around her!

And then there's this little piece of amazing handiwork from God!

Mebbie loves people like nobody I have ever met.

She has empathy and compassion at levels that can seem unreal.

She's competitive, loyal, focused and fierce.

And her smile is contagious and beams down directly from Heaven.

These are my two daughters... and they are complete gifts to me.

Happy National Daughters Day, girls!

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