Monday, September 23, 2019

Run, Mebbie... RUN!

For years I have let the goofball crew be coached by other coaches... by design.

I really want them to be coach-able and to take direction from other adults as they learn and grow.

But this year - Landshark's Cross Country was in need of some coaches... and while I literally don't know much about anything - I do know how to run and have run for a long time... so I volunteered to coach.

Mebbie was STOKED!

This girl makes me so proud... and feel me - there's nothing I can teach her she doesn't know - she's a natural runner!

Her smile that she never lets leave her face while she is out there navigating the course... at times I think she keeps it there just for me!

"Smile while you run!" has been our thing for years.

Her smile... her running... I pray it brings her the joy it brings to me!

Tonight - at the first race - she turned in a conservative 7:10 mile. She was holding back a little to practice her kick at the end.

And kick she did.

First girl to finish... but she didn't care too much about that... cuz she got to run... and smile.

And that's what matters to her.

Run, Mebbie... it suits you well!

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