Tuesday, October 1, 2019


This guy here... he is growing up fast and with that comes some challenges...

We had a long talk tonight about identity.

Z-Dogg's identity... in Him.

We chatted a lot but the gist was this - your identity IS NOT tied up in how well you read, how great of a skip counter you are, how much of a math wizard you're becoming - or any other thing of this world.

Bit rather... Zechie's identity is rooted in His Creator.

He is a prince and a priest and warrior in his Heavenly Father's Kingdom whether he can count to 30 or not.

Believe that!

And while we don't wanna squander the talents, skills and gifts He has given us... we also don't want to become so focused on them (especially as failure points) that we allow them to skew who we really are..

You are HIS, Z... and NOTHING can change that!

You're loved no matter what, Z-Dogg!

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